The biggest political threat (yet) to the outsourcing industry

July 09, 2011 | Phil Fersht

Wouldya believe it, the Swiss, in their typically punctilious fashion, now have an "Anti-PowerPoint Party" with the self-stated goal of having the number of boring PowerPoint presentations on the planet to decrease and the average presentation to become more exciting and more interesting.

The party aspires to become the fourth-largest political party in the country, as you don't need to be Swiss to join a Swiss-based political party. Clever, eh?

So as I was busily enrolling myself in such a worthwhile cause, I quickly realized that if such a political goal was achieved, the whole outsourcing business would be in serious trouble.  For example:

  • How else could sourcing advisors justify their millions of dollars of fees to develop a 250-strong slide deck, designed to pummel everyone into submission by slide 23?
  • How else would providers be able to pilfer each others' decks and claim to be the first to have coined their branded transformation methodology?
  • How else could management consultants charge clients for change management workshops? Seriously, you think people want to change, as opposed to having hundreds of polished slides describing change processes that executives can discuss for hours?
  • How else can lawyers send everyone to sleep while that $750/hour clock ticks along?
  • How else can buyers convince everyone into submission that their procure-to-pay processes are just so un-outsourceable?
  • How else could analysts bombard everyone with reams of data telling you what you already knew, but at least make you feel better about paying for their services?

So please, please, please do not encourage our Swiss friends to destroy everything we have strived so hard to achieve. Long live PowerPoint and the incredible business benefits it provides!

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  1. gaurav
    Posted Jul 10, 2011 09:54 AM | Permalink Reply

    Hilarious! Thanks for the weekend entertainment.

  2. The biggest political threat (yet) to the outsourcing industry
    Posted Jul 10, 2011 04:45 PM | Permalink Reply

    [...] more: The biggest political threat (yet) to the outsourcing industry Comments [...]

  3. Steve Butterworth
    Posted Jul 10, 2011 10:53 PM | Permalink Reply

    You just made my Monday morning, Phil :)


  4. Sudhanshu Saxena
    Posted Jul 11, 2011 12:06 AM | Permalink Reply

    Although ridiculous, this seems like an innovative way to gain popularity. It seems like this is just an effort to promote the book- "The PowerPoint Fallacy", which is authored by M. Poehm (Anti Power Point Party president). The members get a discount on the book.

  5. Fred Dempster
    Posted Jul 11, 2011 01:41 AM | Permalink Reply

    I always guessed C-Level's were gone-missing by slide 4, and the executive summary better be that short! Thanks for the gas!

    PS - Could not find it, but there was a bit on the USA DoD (Dept. of Defense) running the war on PPT and how scary that could be...

  6. Outsourcing St Louis
    Posted Jul 18, 2011 04:58 AM | Permalink Reply

    Very funny!

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