HfS leads analyst firms for value both in Europe and globally


We really didn’t want to over-toot our horn with regards to our performance with the recent excellent 2014 Analyst Value Survey, which canvassed the views of 1093 enterprises, analysts and vendor consumers of research. However, we were extremely excited (and proud) to see how effectively our research has penetrated European organizations:

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We’ve been trying very hard to increase our readership and client uptake in Europe and this really validates our open model for getting our research into the nooks and crannies of global enterprises.  It also goes to show how much noise you can make with a “Born in the Cloud” business model these days, when a small boutique like HfS can outperform a host of firms many times our size, because of our ease of access and quality of work. It’s also a great validation for the services industry when we have firms like ISG, Everest and NelsonHall also outperforming many of the mainstay traditional analyst firms.  This is also very apparent when we look at the rankings global for “Value for Money”:

Well, that’s the last of our horn-tooting for now, but a special shoutout to the team at Kea, especially Duncan Chapple, Bram Weerts and Derk Erbe, for doing such a tremendous job pulling off this innovative and unprecedented research.  Oh – and people can purchase a full copy of the data for a few shekels here.

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  1. This is fabulous for HfS. You guys have achieved amazing recognition in such a short time-span. Your paving the way for the future of research – great accessibility and quality.

  2. HfS is great value for money. I just wish other analysts followed your lead of making more available. You perform such as great service to the sourcing industry,

    Heather Knight

  3. @Eric – is great to have a survey that covers such a broad population of research consumers and analysts. In days gone by, it used to be a bit “murky” who was influencing, and who was really seeing value in firms. Big thanks to Duncan, Bram and the Kea team to driving this for a second consecutive year,


  4. @Andy – thanks for the kind words. The advent of the cloud, blogs, social and having a bunch of smart people pull together for us, helps move a business forward much faster these days,


  5. Congratulations to Phil and team for such an excellent performance. HfS has been such a breath of fresh air in the research business and you all deserve immense credit for your achievements and good work,

    Ed Donnelly

  6. Fantastic showing HFS! Surprised at how well you are doing in Europe, but this validates the reach of a cloud research business with such strong social media presence.

  7. @Rahul – thanks for the kind words. We’ve always had a strong following in the UK, but we’ve seen a marked pick up from the Nordics, Germany, France and Italy over the last couple of years, in particular. Poland and some other Eastern European locations are also more involved with HfS. Our recent HfS Blueprint summit in the UK was a huge success and was great to meet many people close up who were clearly curious about what HfS is all about. And am off to Europe again for a couple of weeks to spread the gospel =)


  8. Congratulations Phil. I’ve been a silent reader of your blog but couldn’t help myself not to get out of my lazy chair to write a comment on this fantastic performance. Please keep up the good work that gives me a weekly dose of fresh ideas and sensible thoughts.

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