Procurement BPO: Be careful before sharing your proverbial corporate bedroom with another party

Procurement BPO engagements aren’t about dating. They’re about getting married, something we actually think many people don’t realize. Remember this one point, and your chances of success with procurement BPO will increase on a log scale.

HfS and SpendMatters' Jason Busch team up to discuss procurement BPO marriages

Never mistake a BPO relationship for advisory or software. You can scrap a consultant’s deck and trash a software package overnight, but BPO is different. Just as in a marriage, you can’t fundamentally fix things if they’re already broken going in.

In Part II of our Procurement BPO market appraisal with SpendMatters’ Jason Busch (pictured here at a recent HfS strategy session), we get straight to the heart of the issues that buyers need to watch out for when evaluating a Procurement BPO endeavour.  Essentially, you’re going to be sharing your proverbial corporate bedroom with a service provider, so you may be wise to read our joint paper “Designing an Optimal Procurement BPO Program: Process Expertise and Realized Improvement” first:

Click here to download your copy of Part II

Click here if you forgot to download Part I

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