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Category Archives: HfS Surveys: Dropping the “O” Word

The great outsourcing talent-chasm: 57% of service provider staff don’t understand their clients’ businesses


In terms of business understanding, initiative, innovation and culture, non-US staff are miles behind local staff. For example, only 43% of outsourcing customer feel their non-US staff understands their business, when compared to 88% of local staff. Yes, this gap will surely close as the industry matures, but I find this talent-chasm unacceptable in today’s global marketplace.


An industry with no name? The outsourcing industry votes out the “O” word but can’t think of an alternative…


There is far too much “believe our own bullshit” going on and this industry needs to change before it can effectively “rebrand”


Look what Obama has done to the “O” word…


our new survey on the toxic “O” word has resoundingly proven that negative politics really does sway opinions, as an overwhelming majority of American enterprises want the word scrapped, which is in stark contract to European firms, who are largely happy to keep it


It’s official: the outsourcing industry has voted out its name


HfS Research has reached out to its unique community of services and operations professionals, and can finally reveal the answers we have long been searching for – that it’s time to re-brand the industry formerly known as outsourcing, with 61% of the industry stakeholders voting to drop the term