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HfS and Blue Prism partner to develop automated analyst solutions

Meet Clive: Robo-Analyst Prototype

Industry analyst firm HfS Research has today announced a strategic partnership with leading Robotic Automation software company, Blue Prism to develop the first automated analyst prototype


How to categorize your absurd colleagues

Colleagues in love

Some home truths about the absurd people in your professional world


And what a week that was! Relive those Blueprint moments…

Thanks to all of you who made the effort be part of a great December networking escapade in the Big Apple

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Time to inoculate your firm against early-onset Zombieism… by coming to the Blueprint Sessions 3.0 this December


When  Zombieism takes its grip on enterprise operations, many fail to realize… until it’s too late.  In fact, many of you reading this may already be exhibiting signs of early-onset Zombieism and immediate inoculation is imperative… But never fear folks, as the forthcoming BluePrint Sessions 3.0 in New York this December are specifically designed to [...]


Who wants to be friends?

Let's be friends

Vinnie Mirchandani just blogged about how we can add so much more value to our relationships by looking beyond Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, Pinterest etc to find value from our networks, when it comes to learning new ideas and gleaning knowledge

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Was this the first ever song about outsourcing?

Was this the first ever song about outsourcing?

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Time to help those poor Americans understand those British niceties…

what brits mean

It’s nearly 10 years since I ventured back to these shores, and to celebrate, I decided it was time to reveal to the many unsuspecting Americans what we British really mean when you think we’re being nice and polite…


Things that irk… the 2013 edition


For those of you who think they’ve escaped being outed as a public irritant, it’s time we put you back in your place… Here are the latest irritations plaguing our world today


Is it time to de-social our lives?


I would argue that it’s actually time to “de-social” our behavior to regain the effectiveness and quality of our interactions and relationships.


Ensure you get a decent car service when you next visit Europe



Ensure you keep calm during transition…

Ensure you keep calm during transition…

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So… are these the world’s best outsourcing advisors?

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The IAOP has announced it’s 2013 “best outsourcing advisors”, and kudos to my former employer, Deloitte, for coming top. Credit has to go out to Peter Lowes and his Outsourcing Advisory Services group for their achievement. In addition, KPMG’s Shared Services and Advisory Group, led my Cliff Justice, finished in second place – a strong showing and justification of their 2011 acquisition of EquaTerra. The biggest surprises, however, are the absences of ISG, the largest transaction advisor of outsourcing contracts, and PwC…


So if the rockstars have gone, what’s left in the analyst industry?


Most of the big analyst personalities have seemingly fled the analyst industry… many for the riches on offer from their vendor clients, clearly seeing more ROI from employing them, as opposed to purchasing their firm’s services. However, this hasn’t prevented the remaining legacy purveyors of analyst services from making a living.


Achieving new-world innovation: promote your innermost qualities to the world unashamedly

Achieving new-world innovation: promote your innermost qualities to the world unashamedly

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The dreamSource countdown… Meet Mads

Madelein Smit is VP, Outsourcing at CEVA Logistics

Step-up Madelein “Mads” Smit, head of both IT and F&A outsourcing for CEVA Logistics


Outsourcing Executives: What’s your career narrative?

Deborah Kops is, always was, and always will be, Deborah Kops (click for bio)

I’m obsessed by careers. I spend time trying to make sense of the various and sundry twists and turns that the life’s work of those in our industry seem to take. And I look closely for patterns.


Innovation discovered… on the London Underground

Innovation discovered… on the London Underground

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Phil Fersht re-instated as CEO of HfS, despite his April-foolery

Please tell us you didn't fall for it again?

Isn’t it amazing how someone can pull off a prank on 1st April every year and STILL many of you fall for it?

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Phil Fersht steps down as HfS CEO

Members of the HfS analyst team remain focused, despite their wayward leader

After more than three years at the helm of research organization HfS Research, Phil Fersht will be stepping down as CEO to “pursue other interests”. The HfS advisory board is meeting later this week to discuss potential replacements.


Coping with the return to work


Here’s some free advice, folks, so do with it what you want…

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