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Marketing’s Holy Grail in the modern age: Getting actionable insights from an integrated marketing optimization platform


The role of the CMO is probably the most thankless job in the modern organization: company’s executives expect great branding and messaging to be propelled through all the optimal channels to market to maximize awareness and, ultimately, increase sales.


F&A BPO in 2013: Step aside Magic Quadrant, hello Blueprint

Click to access the first HfS Blueprint Report (premium HfS subscribers only)

After three years of hard labor, we, at HfS, are proud to launch our first “HfS Blueprint” that we believe is the a revolutionary crowdsourced methodology for evaluating business and IT service providers.


Cheap and cheerful: Is this really as good as it gets for IT Outsourcing?

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ITO maybe a commodity business, but a new wave of collaborative BPO services is beginning to show the way


No Payne no Gain for a Chief Customer Officer… Part II

Bill Payne is IBM's CRM Services lead

In case you missed IBM’s CRM Chief Bill Payne’s return to blog-stardom during Part I, he discussed his vision for the creation of a “Chief Customer Officer” position within companies, who would report directly to the CEO. In Part II, Bill discusses shifting mindsets, the impact of analytics and evolution of outcome-centric engagements impacting the marketing function…

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Why the mid-market is the mother-in-law of outsourcing

I want the best SaaS platform, some great BPO and a bunch of data scientists...

When it comes to outsourcing, dealing with the middle-market has been somewhat akin to dealing with the mother-in-law: can be awkward to deal with, very hard to please, and always has complex demands on your patience and resources.


If SAP is like “pouring concrete into a company”, isn’t it time to reinvent business processes?


I wanted to introduce a spectacular new personality into the HfS family, Susan Scrupski, a legendary figure in the worlds of disruptive technology and social business – and Fast Company’s “Most Influential Women in Technology” in 2010 – who’s embarked on a pivotal new project with us entitled “Business Process Reinvention”


A fiesta of financial services and analytics hits mid-town next week

EXL Event Logo

There’s an Analytics for Banking, Finance & Insurance event in New York next week, and HfS Research is strolling down the I-95 to study the cerebral-ness.

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