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Fooled by Forbes’ fantasy fiction?


One issue dominating the tech-media back channels of late is publisher Forbe’s use of its column “BrandVoice” to blatantly promote various technology products, such as Oracle and SAP, with the advertorials appearing like credible news and opinion articles.


Outsourcing may be battered, bruised and vilified… so why is only a twentieth of enterprises planning to reduce it in 2013?


Make no bones about it: 2012 was a pretty dire year for the industry known as “outsourcing”. However, brand new data from our State of Outsourcing 2013 Study conducted with the support of KPMG, and the largest-ever research survey focused on IT and business function outsourcing, clearly shows that the majority of enterprises are not only aggressively focused on increasing their outsourcing portfoilios, but many are now taking a more mature and realistic approach.


Seven savant-like dudes and their sourcing scuttlebutt… replayed

FBI image click here for the replay

Your week not quite the same without seven dudes rabbiting on about best practices and being over-polite with each other? Well, your addiction can be cured by listening to the replay

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HfS… Six more years?


Wouldya believe “Horses for Sources” is going to be six years old? Here’s six years of soundbites, silliness sensationalism and scrutiny.


Coping with the return to work


Here’s some free advice, folks, so do with it what you want…

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Which planet are equity analysts from?

I'm telling you... shipping back office work to India is going to be huge

Mars, Venus or Saturn…which planet are equity analysts from?