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Isn’t it great having hands-on management in tune with the business…


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The great outsourcing sham redux


So we managed to whip up a tidal wave of emotion and opinion when we made the call that the “outsourcing industry”, in its current state is, quite frankly, a sham. When over 30,000 people read something, there’s a reason why… so let’s drill down into what this all means


Why today’s outsourcing industry is a sham


When God created “outsourcing”, she/he/it clearly had a sense of humor. How do you encourage people who offloaded a chunk of their low-end processes offshore to get together and form an “industry”? “Outsourcing” is broken terminology and isn’t a real industry.


In case you somehow shamefully missed our Super-Lawyer Summit webinar…

A special thanks to Esteban Herrera (HfS), Akiba Stern (Loeb & Loeb), Jeff Harvey (Hunton & Williams) and Jeff Andrews (Thompson & Knight) for one helluva lively discussion in the state of today’s outsourcing contracts. Missed out on the legal ear-candy? Visit here for the re-play.

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Negotiations and the deals we make: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Don't hang your advisor just yet...

Here is the good, bad, and ugly of recent deals where we’ve coached clients


Have some industry events reached their stagnation point?

Time to change that channel?

After attending the 2011 and 2012 World Summits hosted by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), we were left with a feeling that event organizers were ignoring the opportunity to assemble top-notch thought leadership to drive community discussion.


In case you missed today’s webcast on Business Platforms, here’s the re-run


Thanks to Robert McNeill (HfS), Shawn Riegsecker (Centro Media), Paul Roehrig (Cognizant) and Bob Law (HP) for an excellent discussion today on Business Platforms. Here’s the re-run:

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Source to stay?


The days of enterprise buyers dropping millions to view providers strut the catwalk and have their contracts hammered out by some baseball-bat wielding former ITO salesman are rapidly fading into the past. That ship has, thankfully, sailed. However, a new ship is now dropping anchor in the sourcing harbor…


Legal Services Outsourcing: India’s next growth market?

Jui Narendran is Research Director, Business Services, HfS Research (Click for bio)

Traditionally, the law firms engaged with Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) providers for specific services, such as document review and other litigation support. However, over the last three years, large corporations have been signing comprehensive deals with LPO service providers. We believe the LPO market is now poised for a period of significant growth.


Which industries are more inclined to outsourcing versus shared services?

Industrial rev

Secular changes to industry environments are crystallizing options for businesses and driving more radical and actionable behaviors from executives under pressure to deliver continual productivity improvements. The radical impact outsourcing can potentially have on business performance is clearly becoming more attractive to those businesses in the throes of tackling fundamental challenges and opportunities to their business environments.


Outsource your sales performance management on a genuine Business Platform model? Indeed you can!

"Please mind the innovation gap"... click here to find out what Business Platforms are and they represent the future of outsourcing

We caught up Mark Stiffler the founder and CEO of Synygy recently to get his take on what Business Platforms mean to his company and ask him about some of the shifts that are occurring in the market.

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