Why is it that…


Confused Someone has always half-completed the crossword in American Way magazine  

The songs on my ipod haven’t been updated for a very long time

Dancing with the Stars is just soooo inanely boring

I always have to pay to watch any good movie despite dropping $100 a month with the cable operator…

I just can’t haul my myself down to the gym at 7.00am

Beer makes me fat

Staplers always jam up

I always forget an umbrella

People are only nice when they want something

Kiefer Sutherland is in jail after saving the world 6 times

CNN is the only 24-hours news program in the US

Baseball players are professional spit-artists?

Tony Blair resigned for that Gordon Brown guy?

Cricket-supporters are always drunk

I use Twitter to find out what people are having for lunch

Taxi drivers are always on the phone

Lou Dobbs always uses that “how dare you disagree with me” tone

John McCain’s mom reminds me of one of the Golden Girls

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