Was it really that believable?


I'm still getting emails / tweets and calls from all sorts of people wanting to talk about the "sensational news" yesterday, on what was a record traffic day on the Horses.  And if I haven't already made it plain enough, it was an April Fools joke.  And while it was kinda funny, what hit home was how believable the story was. 

Yes, protectionism already is the number one impediment to outsourcing growth over the next few months, but we're never going down anything like the crazy lines outlined in the post.  What's nervy, however, in this era of rapid change, is the fact that so many people fell hook, line and sinker for that little prank.  It made me realize how prepared so many people are for sensational changes to their way of life.  And if you feel I went too far I do apologize, but everyone seems to have taken this in a good spirit.  I really feel we need a sense of humor and a few laughs to help out out of this tough time…Lou Dobbs


The soon-to-be-appointed head of the outsourcing disciplinary committee

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  1. I for one always appreciate your humour–but you did surface the issue of protectionism in a really pointed way… well done!

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