The Truth might just help you win…


As we collect our thoughts for the year and prepare for the next, one area I never want to compromise on is my desire to speak the truth and never be muted by corporate propaganda and pay-to-play bribery.  Let’s just call it what it is, folks.

When I founded HFS 14 years ago, all we had was our honesty and reputation for calling a spade a spade. The more we kept true to this reputation, the more valuable our brand became, and the more money companies were prepared to pay for our insight and expertise.  This was a terrific way to do business and feel proud of our work.

HFS does not do business with a handful of software and services businesses, which “canceled” us because we put out research that did not make them look as amazing as they were trying to portray themselves or we just called them out for poor practices.  We also turn away business from several suppliers as we do not want money purely for puffing up brands with no proven research and customer evidence to back up the claims.  These firms choose to work with other firms that are clearly more flexible to bend to their dollar bills.  Like has anyone ever received an “award” in this industry they didn’t have to pay for?  Like ever?

I won’t embarrass some of these firms here, as I do not want to play that game, but they know who they are…

In 2024, I will push my team even harder to be brave and speak the truth in this world of bullish*t marketing, relentless hype, blatant lies, and swirl of nonsense.  We have more than doubled HFS since 2019, so there is one lesson to take away from this:  Truth sells!

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