The three dirtiest phrases in services


Here are three phrases that are today’s big no-nos:

1) Labor Costs.  These things are just the worst thing ever and have to be eliminated.  Who wants people anymore, when systems can talk to other systems, processes mimicked in drag-and-drop software apps and cognitive analytics can replicate those antiquated human brains. People cost money and need to be gone.

2) Transactional.  Oh my – all you do are transactional activities?  Can you please replace yourself right away with someone either lot cheaper or, even better, a piece of software?  How can you dare exist when you add no “value”?

3) Legacy.  Probably the worst insult anyone can use on any person, process or technology.  You’re done. Dated. Over.  Yesterday’s news.  Time to crawl away and cower somewhere on government handouts.

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  1. You see an article titled ‘The three dirtiest phrases in service’ where it gives ‘Labour costs’ as ‘dirtiest’ of these phrases and goes to explain, that in an age where ‘systems’ can simply ‘talk’ to other ‘systems’ humans are too costly and ‘need to be gone’. Then you see an article titled ‘Stephen Hawking: Artifical Intelligence ‘Could spell the end of the human race’. I wonder if he’d read this article first.

  2. True. butt he first two are necessities and the third is applicable to systems more often (also currencies :)) and so yes very very dirty word – have to talk of upgrading / changing the system and so innovation and cost and value assessments .

    monday is hard so apoligise – got to this on tuesday.

  3. Implementing systems to reduce labor costs is more difficult than more people realize – Except for us poor customers who have to use them. It is shocking how bad move voice mail system are. I love American Express, but their voice mail system is among the worst. I am becoming familiar with Amerihealth Insurance, but I called one of the number on the back, and I might as well just hammered a nail into my finger. I’ve never met a voice mail system that could not recognize input from a keypad, but though it says you can enter an answer, your keypad entry will not be understood if there is noise on the voice part of the line. Of course, that’s why you are using the keypad, either the entry is private, or there is too much noise for the voice system to understand you. But using the keypad will not help. These are examples of companies trying to use software to reduce labor cost. What they have done, however, is increased the labor it takes to contact them. Reduce labor cost under one condition: People who work for your firm are required to use whatever system to replace that labor with. As Gertner said to the people at IBM “We have to eat our own dogfood.”

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