The Alamo comes to HR Tech… get your front row seats here


Anyone from the world of HR, who cares about the impact technology has on their existence, is congregating at the infamous HR Technology show in Chicago on September 30-October 2, hosted by the legendary columnist Bill Kutik (pictured), the undisputed captain of HR controversy. 

Kutik-sexmachine It is the world’s leading event in the HR sector, and each year attracts 2,000+ high-level HR practitioners, software and service vendor CEOs. In addition, most of the HR sector's industry analysts, bloggers and foghorns will be there - including such celebrities as Jason Corsello, Mark Stelzner, Naomi Bloom and Vinnie Mirchandani. They come for the excellent no-sales-hype conference sessions, the largest show floor of 250 exhibitors, and Bill Kutik’s signature vendor Shootout session, which this year features software giants SAP and Lawson taking on their smaller rivals and Plateau.  I am also assured that the word "Cloud" is to be officially banned from the festivities…

Here’s how you can get the $470 discount off the $1,645 regular registration rate:

Type FERSHT in the Promotion Code box in the online registration at

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  1. Absolutely on “Cloud,” Phil, total ban. In addition to all other rational arguments against it, Cloud ecalls the delusions people had at the advent of web-based business apps in 2000 that it was all “just happened somewhere” and no software was involved. It spawned a slew of articles called “The Death of ERP?” Noticed any tombstones yet?

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