Time to get worried about being automated… very worried


With Natural Language Processing, Interactive Voice Response, cognitive virtual agents, Robotic Process Automation, the very essence of our corporate existence, the conference call itself, is in grave danger of going robo.  I think we’re done folks… 

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  1. Think of it in even more draconian terms — Conference Calls are a legacy process for soon to be irrelevant resources (mid-level managers) to inefficiently share information and make tactical decisions. At some point, perhaps sooner than we might imagine, the machine learning capabilities will be able to structure unstructured information flows to frame decisions for senior management obviating the need for many mid-level managers to exist in the ecosystem.

    If mid-level managers (i.e., bureaucrats) were a stock, it would be time to short the stock.

  2. Hah…good one. However statistically this won’t significant impact our productivity nor personal life like other scary things about automation (…yeah I’m referring to roboboss ;)…..


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