Phil Hassey, Contributing Analyst, Asia/Pacific BPO Strategies


Phil Hassey

Phil Hassey is a respected veteran services analyst, based in Sydney Australia, who contributes regularly to HfS Research’s coverage of Asia/Pacific Business Process Outsourcing trends and dynamics.

Phil is the founder of capioIT, a research analyst firm focussed on driving change in the analyst and research market through innovation and collaboration, with a strong focus on IT services and BPO strategies in the Asia/Pacific region.

He has 17 years’ experience in corporate strategy, consulting and market intelligence, gained in a diverse range of organisations and industries. Prior to founding capioIT, he established the Australian and Services business units at Springboard Research. Prior to Springboard Research, Phil was responsible for driving analyst firm IDC’s research in the services marketplace across the Asia/Pacific region. During his 6 years at IDC, Phil led a large multi-national team of analysts across a range of IT related services with a particular focus on IT Outsourcing, BPO and global delivery networks.

Phil has also developed a significant amount of experience in corporate strategy, marketing and research at Accenture and Lend Lease, where he was responsible for their global research in shopping centre development. In 2000, he was wrote the first analyst research report on the CRM and Call Centre BPO market in Asia Pacific. This followed work with an Australian Insurance agency optimising their customer service capabilities. Showing how CRM has changed; a key achievement was getting the insurance agency to consider using email as a tool for customer communication.

Phil graduated from the University of New South Wales with an Honours Degree in Applied Science with a major in Applied Economic Geography. He has a commitment to lifelong learning and is an MBA student “mentor” to help provide skills for future business leaders at one of Australia’s leading business schools.

He lives with his wife and three children in Sydney, Australia. When he gets spare time, he spends it at the beach, on his bike and making most of what the Sydney area has to offer.

Phil can be reached at phil at capioIT dot com.   He can also be found on twitter: @phassey

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