Phil Fersht re-instated as CEO of HfS, despite his April-foolery


Please tell us you didn't fall for it again?

Isn’t it amazing how someone can pull off a prank on 1st April every year and STILL many of you fall for it?

Here were some clues:

  • “Ari Gibbs” –  Ari Fleischer and Robert Gibbs were the last two White House spokespeople
  • There is no such association as the “Incontinent Association of Outsourcing Practitioners”

And here were some near-truths:

  • I do actually like pink champagne (I mean, how can you NOT like it?)
  • When I was a broke analyst growing up in London, my room-mate actually did steal toilet rolls from his office…

And while we’re reminiscing about falling for April Fools’ gags, here is 2012’s classic:

Merriam-Webster to remove the term Outsourcing for IT and Business Services

And 2011’s

Painsharing exposed: HfS to reveal the worst performers in the outsourcing industry

And 2010?s:

Horses for Sources to advise Obama administration on offshore outsourcing

Oh, and here’s 2009?s which I really hope you didn’t fall for too:

Horses Exclusive: Obama to ban offshore outsourcing

Now if you fell for all FIVE of these, please ADMIT TO THE WORLD NOW AND FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE 🙂

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