Persistent Systems: Fast Growth Salesforce Practice with Healthcare Focus


Salesforce remains one of the most important and established enterprise SaaS products in the market, with a vast ecosystem of service partners from the smallest consulting firms to large global integrators. This makes the choice of service partners increasingly complicated and ever more vital as the competitive landscape for these services grows. This is especially important for enterprise organizations that are looking to SaaS projects as more than just IT initiatives, but as catalysts of wider business innovation and to drive business value throughout their lines of business.

HfS concentrated its recently published HfS Blueprint Report: Salesforce Services 2017, on the large enterprise service providers, the winners being those that are able to add the most value to a large scale adoption of Salesforce. This report outlines trends in service delivery and profiles twelve of the leading service providers in this increasingly dynamic market segment. It identified key selection criteria which included the ability to understand enterprise clients’ business imperatives and provide timely and flexible services. In addition, buyers need to look at providers who invest in Salesforce tools, on achieving specific Salesforce certifications, have relevant experience and the requisite geographical scale. These were the main considerations to ascertain service providers’ capabilities and commitment in the Salesforce services market.

In the Blueprint report, we positioned Persistent Systems in the High Potential category. Compared with the other service providers in the Blueprint, Persistent Systems has a relatively small Salesforce services practice, focused on US enterprise clients. However, its Salesforce services business is in high growth, and the service provider is investing in all the right areas to achieve success. Although Persistent Systems serves clients in several industry sectors, it is primarily focused on Healthcare. This is reflected in its investment in tools, including a healthcare accelerator tool, and the Physician and Patient Relationship Management, which has Fullforce Industry Solution certification. Moreover, healthcare clients commend Persistent Systems for its understanding of their business specifics – one commented that their chief architect’s understanding of their business was “outstanding”. In addition, Persistent Systems achieved high customer satisfaction scores from its client references, who were mostly impressed by the strength of its resources, and their ability to provide both business and technical advice. This is also backed by a flexible and cost-effective offshore delivery model. Moreover, Persistent Systems helps drive innovation within the Salesforce development community, where it helps software vendors, App Innovation Partners, to develop SaaS products using the Salesforce App Cloud.  

HfS believes that Persistent Systems ( is a great fit for enterprises needing strong resources, with offshore delivery capability, particularly in the US healthcare market.

Persistent Systems was rated highly in the Blueprint for the following criteria:

  • Quality of account management
  • Strong resources
  • Incorporate client feedback
  • Vision for Salesforce effectiveness
(HfS Soundbite snapshot of service provider capability on is part of the HfS Blueprint™ Digital License agreement)

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