Moving and Shakin’ in F&A Outsourcers


Some recent notable power moves in the F&A Outsourcing suppliers worth mentioning:

HP:  Steve Stubitz, who led Americas sales for HR and F&A BPO has gone out on top and into the private equity world.  Steve – you will be missed.

Infosys:  Devesh Nayal, who led their BPO business, has moved on to an – as yet – unnanounced company… expect to see him back soon.

Genpact:  Regina Paolillo, the Queen of Order-to-cash, has moved to  one of their parent investors, General Atlantic Partners.  Don’t think we’ve seen the last of Regina somehow….

EXL Service:  Has recruited former EDS and ACS BPO veteran Matt Appel as CFO, and Pramode Metre – (who seems to be able to be at 6 US cities at the same time in between a trip to India) as head of sales and marketing. 

Xansa:  Worth mentioning David Hirst, who has seemingly managed AR, CR, IR, MI and Marketing all by himself (and a thoroughly nice bloke too).  Anyway Dave’s moved on…but I’m not allowed to say where 😉

And finally… Accenture:  Mike "Sal" Salvino (who still comes up as Hewitt on my Outlook) has already been promoted to uberlord of Accenture’s Procurement and Customer Contact Services in addition to continuing to have oversight for Accenture Finance Solutions.  Something about "capitalizing on the natural synergies"…nice work if you can get it.  Nice one Sal!


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