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Paris headquartered Workday specialist service provider, everBe, recently announced the opening of a new ‘Global Excellence Service Centre’ in Bordeaux, France. everBe selected Bordeaux from a list of 10 locations, because, to quote the CEO, Jean Manaud:

“Finding a location where our staff could raise families and enjoy a quality life was a major criteria for us.”

I have read hundreds of press releases over the years of service providers opening delivery centers or Centers of Excellence around the world, to support local clients and/or be the hub for a particular solution capability. Typically, service providers highlight the ability to offer local support, with resources who understand local culture and language, and generally make local enterprises feel understood and loved. everBe will of course tick this off as well, but it recognizes that the most important element is to attract good people and retain them. everBe aims to support Workday Human Capital Management and Financial Management deployments and management services from this center, to which it wants to attract 30 consultants in the first round of hiring.  

everBe has actually considered what people need to be happy in a job. It’s way beyond just having a stable job, the opportunity to advance skills, and getting a good salary. It’s also about actually liking where you live, and being happy there with your family.

Wow. The service provider pendulum is definitely continuing to swing towards focusing on its people.


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