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One industry legend transformed by the world of social media is HR software columnist, host of  The HR Technology Conference  (which you must come to by the way), sailing enthusiast and all round entertainer on all things HR technology related:  Mr Bill Kutik.  All you need these days is a Skype headset and a blog, and you’re ready to play…

Anyhow, I was privileged to get the chance to plug shamelessly the new Horses for Sources research organization in exchange for airing some unrestrained views on the HR outsourcing industry and where things are headed.  So, before I get slapped with a lawsuit or carted off to a secure facility somewhere, have a listen to the show which is aired today at noon Eastern Standard time.  You can still listen to the recording if you miss the initial airing.  Just click below to get transported to the Bill Kutik Radio Show:

Click here to listen

I look forward to having you listen in,


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