Bill grills the Madonna of HRO herself: Mary Sue Rogers


If there’s been one consistent face of the HR Outsourcing industry over the last decade, one stalwart who’s been staying true to the principles of global HR delivery, despite all its bumps and bruises along the way, its been the former shift foreman at a Detroit car bumper factory who left the New World to join upper-crust English society.

Click to listen in to MSR and BK, noon Eastern time on 16th Feb (recording available)

Step up Mary Sue Rogers (known in local circles simply as “MSR”), who’s General Manager for IBM’s Global HR, Learning and Recruiting Process Services organization.

And if there’s one person qualified to find out more about her passion for payroll, who can slow down her machine-gun talking-speed to the firing rate of a semi-automatic, it’s the indomitable Bill Kutik, who hosts his own aptly-named “The Bill Kutik Radio Show”.

Anyway, MSR will share her insights into why full-service HRO has had a mixed scorecard in its first 10 years; what she will be doing differently in the next 10; the unique technologies used in HRO not usually found in a traditional HR environment; and the critical role of third parties and what they do in successful HRO engagements.

Click here at noon Eastern time today to hear Mary Sue Rogers.  Recording is available, so don’t worry if you miss it

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