January 5th: time to shake off the gloom


It's time for people to stop panicking about next year.  

On January 5th it's business as usual, companies will be selling and delivering their services, looking for new avenues that will provide them with competitive bite, operational excellence and new ways of surviving in a tough business environment.  We are part of that.  

Yes, some of us will get laid off – several people I know already have, but we'll find new jobs, or new career opportunities – we always do.  We may get a little poorer, but so will everyone else and the cost of living will get cheaper.

End of the day, we function in a world where we have much better technology and communications than we had 6 years' ago, much more mature global delivery models, and a truly global marketplace in which we operate.  The future opportunity for our careers and our businesses has never had so much potential in the long-term, once we get over these short-term hurdles and adjust to a more challenging business environment. Challenges and change breed new opportunities – and the world won't stop while we try to embrace them.  

We have exciting new technologies being developed and a fledgling new industry for developing alternative energy sources.  And we have a new President arriving with fresh ideas and a fresh energy… in just 3 weeks.

It's time to shake off the gloom.  2009 here we come.

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  1. Don’t forget, January 6 is Three Kings day and they’re bringing gold (and the smelly stuff).

    Seriously, if this “bust” is anything like the “DOT.COM bust,” it is going to be a great time for new and exciting technologies. We are looking forward to a lot more demand from startups. And that’s the real “gold.”

    While everybody else is moaning and stressing, the real game changers will be quietly at work. Hook yourself up to one of these teams or, better yet, start one of your own. It has never been easier and cheaper to get a startup going.

    If you think that Web 2.0 has been exciting with all the added interaction across the web, wait until late 2009-early 2010 and you’ll see what the next wave brings. I don’t know what it will be, but something as momentous and expansive is going to arise from all this.

  2. There is an old Greek sculpture labeled Time, carved circa 330 BC by Lysippus. Here is the translation from latin, which he carved on the statue :

    What is thy name, statue ?
    – I am called Opportunity
    Who made thee ?
    – Lysippus
    Why art thou standing on thy toes ?
    – To show that I stay but for a moment.
    Why hast thou wings on thy feet ?
    – To show show how quickly I pass by
    But why is thy hair so long on thy forehead ?
    – That men may sieze me when they meet me
    Why is thy head so bald behind ?
    – To show that when I have once passed, I cannot be caught.

    I share your optimism for 2009, Matt & Phil – let us seize the New Year with all its chances. Tempis fugit – Time flies. No great scholarship needed to translate this much latin , but to translate its language into life, we need a higher order of schooling.

    With a prayer for more – Shanti, Peace, Islam – in 2009, for you & your family & friends.

    Best Wishes,

  3. I agree to the optimism and at the same time feel that only the ‘Real Gold’ will shine in this period.

    This is the time when everyone is looking out for the any possible soultion/help for the respective situations.

    Only the ones with the ability and confidence to provide transformational outsourcing will be able to reap the benefits.

    2009 belongs to these souls to perform and others to watch.

  4. I agree that the world is shaking at the moment due to the financial turmoil still affecting the whole world even the start of 2009. But instead of worrying of what will happen to us, let us all create new opportunities out of these troubles as I believe greater things await for us after these hard times. Let us all be optimistic that 2009 will be a year of great tidings for everyone.

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