Innovation in F&A BPO? We have it all right here folks...

October 17, 2010 | Phil Fersht

Innovation? That's soooo old hat...

This new HfS report (click here to view) dives into the experiences and expectations of a selection of today’s most experienced enterprise Finance and Accounting (F&A) BPO buyers, when it comes to achieving innovation.

We spoke to a collection of major F&A BPO customers which have achieved some form of innovation as they went through the F&A BPO experience with a major service provider. Here’s what we cover:

- We look at Microsoft’s BPO experience with Accenture, as the software giant leveraged a global BPO model to consolidate and transform multiple global finance and procurement operations.

- Then we examine Cognizant’s work with a major multi-billion dollar grocery retailer, which had doubled in size through an acquisition in June 2007 and needed to make its post-merger finance organization more effective.

- We investigate Genpact’s endeavor with a global manufacturer to deliver process improvements to improve days to pay.

- We look into Wipro being called in after two multi-billion dollar retailers merged, to help consolidate and modernize the disparate financial operations.

- We examine how Infosys worked with McClatchy Newspapers to develop a custom application to manage advertising billing, accounts receivable, and scheduling of ads for newspapers.

- We take a look at how Vengroff Williams & Associates worked with a US manufacturer to improve its collections processes, which were previously held back by its technology.

- And finally, we see how WNS worked with Ally Financial (formerly GMAC) to accomplish dynamic corporate objectives against a backdrop of economic peril.

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