Innovation: creativity within financial constraints is the key


Michael-EisnerSo with all the talk about falling conference attendances, it's clear that people are still game for good events, but are simply being more selective about which ones they choose to attend this year.  After the success of the recent Shared Services & Outsourcing Network show in Budapest, I had the good fortune to be at AMR Research's Supply Chain Conference in Scottsdale AZ this week, which attracted 650 senior-level supply chain, finance, operations and IT executives, many of whom wanted to talk about sourcing issues.   

The one opportunity I did have to escape the analyst meeting room was to see former Disney CEO Micheal Eisner's keynote speech (pictured), where he talked about creativity under financial constraints being the key to success today

In order to demonstrate this, he played us the now infamous "sword" scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark:

According to Michael Eisner, Harrison Ford was having a few stomach issues on that day of filming and kept rushing back to the hotel, and with the sun setting, the crew were concerned that they would have to wait until the following day to complete the scene.  With production costs running at $100K a day (not chump-change in those days), Harrison just got out his gun and shot the guy… now that's innovation 😉

Always happy to hear any more examples of creativity that saved the day…

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  1. Excellent post! You remember Monty Python’s “Coconuts” in the Holy Grail? They couldn’t afford any horses…


  2. Phil: How about the entire second half of Waterworld? Not so sure about the creativity though 🙂


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