Learn how to assemble an airplane in mid-air... and become a Shared Services Outsourcing Professional

November 25, 2010 | Phil Fersht

Learn to assemble a plane in mid-air like Coca-Cola's Bill Johnson (click for more info)

According to our buddy Bill Johnson, who runs global finance Finance Shared Services for Coca-Cola Refreshments:

"Launching a Shared Services organization more than a decade ago was a bit like assembling an airplane in mid-air."

And to add to the experience, try on-sourcing some of these processes to an F&A BPO provider...  Bill is very involved with our conference partner, SSON, and he adds, "We ultimately prevailed thanks to knowledge sharing on the part of our fellow practitioners, many of whom with which we connected at SSON events. Having now available a formal set of learning materials in a one-stop-shopping format will provide a great supplement to that traditional approach."

So it's time to learn-up and sign-on to the SSON Managed Certification® and Online Learning Program, which kicks off its second session next Monday 29th November.

And we've arranged for HfS subscribers to enjoy a 10% discount - just drop them an email by clicking here.

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