I cannot be serious


When I arrived on these Western shores a few years ago from the Old Country, I made it a personal mission to ensure (some) Yankees around me learned that special brand of humor termed as sarcasm. This habit of mine seems to have spilled over into my blogging… My recent post “The Calamity Clients Awards, 2008” enticed a couple of people to contact me – one person asking where she should submit her vote, the other kindly advising me to find a way to scrap the vote before I offended someone. 

For clarification, the purpose behind the Awful Outsourcing and Calamity Client awards was to

1) Make you laugh;

2) Have a subtle dig at some of the awards being banded around the outsourcing industry;

3) Raise some real issues concerning some struggling outsourcing engagements, and the fact it actually takes two-to-tango in this business (both vendors and clients).

Thanks for the many, many messages I did receive from those of you who did realize all three of the above points – very much appreciated, and makes me feel my original mission to induce sarcasm into the North American outsourcing industry is largely working 🙂

Anyway, I’ll lurch back to more serious stuff next week… peace out

John McEnroe

Definitely not serious…

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  1. The awards posts were hilarious. Thanks for putting these together. Am sure most of your readership would love you to go ahead and make nominations, with the exception of the likely nominees 🙂

  2. Phil: what is it they say – sarcasm is the greatest form of wit? Love the pic of Mac – he looks like he’s about to let loose there!


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