How could you fall for it again!


Hook, Line and….

After last year’s now infamous “Obama to ban offshore outsourcing” April Fool’s gag, we didn’t suspect that even more of you would fall hook, line and sinker for this year’s little effort. 

As much as we would love to advise President Obama, even I doubt I’d receive a “personal tweet” from the President to announce the news…

Again – you’re a great community, you’re great sports, and keep on smiling 🙂

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  1. Well i must admit you got me. Maybe it was hope that some sense would be relayed to the administration about the truths behind outsourcing rather that to depict it as the big green meanie.

  2. Jerry –

    The sad thing is, we actually wish it was true 🙂

    We’re actually pushing hard now to have more involvement with government policy with sourcing. Stay tuned.


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