Horses for Sources to advise Obama administration on offshore outsourcing


Yes we can!

We’re deeply honored to be selected as the exclusive analyst advisor to the Obama administration on offshore outsourcing issues. 

As part of the contract award, the Horses analyst team will be invited to quarterly white-boarding sessions at the White House to discuss the latest market dynamics in IT outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing, in a quest to help the administration make onshore locations more competitive for white collar jobs.  The contract will be ongoing until the next US general election.

Commenting on the award earlier today, the White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, added, “Washington needs to be ahead of the curve when it comes to offshore outsourcing.  Far too many of our jobs have been shipped off to China, India, Central Europe and the Philippines, and it’s time to do something about it.  Now Healthcare Reform is assured, it’s time to turn our attention to the next burning issue on the Obama administration’s agenda:  reversing offshore outsourcing and creating new jobs in the United States of America. “

In addition, the administration cites Horses for Sources social media impact as a core reason for selecting the research firm as its chosen outsourcing advisor.  “We realized the importance of Facebook and Twitter when we won the last election, and are impressed with the extensiveness with which Horses for Sources uses its blog, LinkedIn group, and, most importantly, it’s prolific use of Twitter, to be the outsourcing research organization most in touch with the needs of industry.”

President Obama personally tweeted the news of the announcement to Horses for Sources CEO, Phil Fersht, this morning.

Michael Buffer calling the Horses to action

“It was most appropriate to receive this contract award via a tweet from the President”, stated Fersht earlier today. “We are deeply honored that the Obama administration has selected us as its advisors – we hope to host a guest blog from the President soon where he will succinctly set out his agenda to bring more white collar jobs back onshore. We assure all our readers that we will make every effort to avoid any grammatical errors, or spelling mistakes”.

Horses for Sources successfully beat the Black Book of Outsourcing to secure the contract in a bake-off aural that was supervised by Vice President Joe Biden and Michael Buffer.

I thought Michael Buffer was the big give away! Thanks for being good sports 🙂

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  1. Dude! Awesome! Now you have to explain the Systems In Motion business model to them and show the administration the path to merging US enterprise value creation and US job creation!


  2. Phil,
    congratulations. That’s a great honor and responsibility. Look forward to you and your team getting buyers to consider the onshore alternatives.

  3. Your selection was obviously made based on a flawed research and assessment process. There is only one two voice on outsourcing. We shall draw you into the wilderness of the Woodlands and smite you there, evil foe. Then this land’s future greatness can be assured through aggressive labor arbitrage, access to highly skilled and motivated third world talent, and an abundance of turnkey, platform based, innovation delivering, standardized SaaS BPO solutions.

  4. Phil – congrats – let me know if you need some good fictitious supporting research to support your efforts.

  5. Phil,
    That’s a great news! In such a short time (a month) of opening your shop as an analyst firm, getting a contract at the highest forum is a paramount success. We, at Ephlux wish you all the best with this contract and future engagements.

    Best Regards,

  6. Haha…Phil, I look forward to a headline just as big tomorrow making it clear this is an April Fools.

    Some people seem to be taken in by this as much as they are by your “real” posts 😛

  7. If the administration is Tweeting contract notifications (I assume it was a direct Tweet), they’ve done a terrific job streamlining the purchasing process! What’s the date today?

  8. Good one! Really good one. Fooled me for a few minutes (and I forwarded it to a friend of mine)

  9. Excellent! It’s great to see the administration focused on the domestic onshore market and the exceptional value proposition that firms in this market provide. Good luck Phil.

  10. Well congratulations, however I wonder what the impact on the economy and well being of India, Central Europe and The Philipinnes will be when thousands of jobs are arbitrarily moved back to the US. Perhaps your advice will be able to temper any knee-jerk reactions

  11. Given the coastal erosion due to the storms of the last few days, I’m afraid Connecticut and New York will have an even harder time getting jobs back on shore. Clearly we need more shoring up and I’m confident Horses for Hauling is just the group to get that done!

  12. The facts are that – unless they are liars – the Obama administration is no friend of outsourcing, no matter how good it is for US businesses and – crucially – no matter how important it can be in cutting government costs.

    Even if they did believe in outsourcing there is no way that they will confront the unions and start handing work to the private sector (onshore or offshore). Look at what they have just done to Student Loans.

    And any action will fall into the “not in my lifetime” category.

    Good luck, impressive win, keep us posted on the progress, but don’t expect a Damascene Conversion.

  13. I totally fell for this! Very funny.

    I feel a bit like Joe Biden must have done when he asked Chuck Graham (wheelchair-bound Dem Senator) to stand up and show the crowd who he is!

  14. I was totally fooled… was JUST ABOUT to forward to people in my organization when I scrolled down and saw the APRIL FOOL pic.

    Good luck on the new venture – I am sure that you guys will do great! You sure did great for a fantastic April’s fool prank!! 🙂

  15. Duhh! Here’s your April Fool 🙂 But I still believe you can have the real deal by next April 1st. Keep up the great work!

  16. Last year he banned offshore outsourcing, this year he’s busy promoting onshore locations for outsourcing. A consistent theme and again a good April Fool’s joke!

    Wishing you great luck on your new venture. If you do happen to get a call from the White House on this very imporant topic, we would have loved to share our views that it doesn’t always have to be an offshore – onshore battle and outsourcing can be a way to create jobs by outsourcing spending. Procurement outsourcing is an example. Companies are looking for new ways to tackle that feat of growing margins while continually reducing costs, PO has emerged as a way to realize hundreds of millions of dollars in savings that can actually be reinvested in jobs and innovation. The simple fact that outsourcing has the ability to create American jobs begs reconsideration by the C-level.

    I look forward to your thoughts and of course next year’s April Fool’s blog.

  17. Great post – thanks for lightening up my day – and reminding me that I failed to get in the spirit of the day. Next year!

  18. OK, got me. I’m reminded, however, of the Shakespeare quote (roughly) “What’s said in jest is oft meant in truth”.
    So – why not?

  19. Phil –

    The only negative here, was that is wasn’t true. They need your advice 🙂

    Thanks for the laugh,


  20. You are a funny guy! You even made up some really great quotes that made sense for why this could be legit. 🙂 love the sense of humor

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  22. […] to conduct all future HfS blog interviews.   In addition, HfS will fire the White House as a client because they won’t give us any tax […]

  23. […] Horses for Sources to advise Obama administration on offshore outsourcing […]

  24. […] Horses for Sources to advise Obama administration on offshore outsourcing […]

  25. […] Horses for Sources to advise Obama administration on offshore outsourcing […]

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