The rumors are true – we’re actually doing some research


No more boondoggles for this fella…

As a few of you may have observed, we went through a minor identity transformation back in March, when we decided to start producing our own research and become a fully-fledged analyst advisory organization. Even industry observers believed us.

Contrary to rumor, analysts sometimes do more than get themselves inebriated at industry boondoggles (hmmm….).  And as much as we’d all like to spend our days being wined and dined at tennis tournaments and totting up our Starwoods points, we’ve had to knuckle-down and put pen to paper with our views and insights on where this market is heading.

We tried to explain to our sales chappy that clients don’t care about research anymore, that they just wanted to hang out with us, but he wouldn’t listen, signed up a bunch of them, and now we have to do some hard work.

So four months on, and we’re beginning to sneak a few publications out to market.  We’re developing a fully-fledged research agenda which we will be excited to announce in September, when we will also be announcing the arrival of some new analysts  (who also claim they will write some stuff).  So feel free to visit our sexy (ahem) new RESEARCH LIBRARY and check out what we’re writing about.

Some stuff is freemium (I love that word), and some is premium for our subscribers, but there is plenty there for all to read, that is being regularly updated with new publications.  So spend a few minutes registering an ID and password with us, and enter our research world.  C’mon… do you have any better offers on a Thursday morning?

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