Fancy being an industry analyst?

November 08, 2013 | Phil Fersht

How would you fancy behaving like an arrogant xxxxx all day, work for a firm still living in the 90's, have the whole world forced to kiss your behind, while you put out nonsensical research and vendor rankings that noone can fathom?  Well - send your resume to [email protected] and we'll review your application.

However, if you want to join a research firm that believes a world exists outside of the CIO's office, a firm that is living in true "whitespace" where it is trying to define and shape an industry living at the heart of global business operations, then we would like to actually talk to you!

In all seriousness, HfS is expanding its global remit and we need to bring onboard more talent which has a good idea where our world is heading.  If you are passionate about our industry, want to put YOUR stamp on its direction and be part of an incredible team, then send us your resume to [email protected].

Here are our pre-requisites:

1.) Wants to work and is sick of the "nine to five"

2.) Loves embracing, debating and writing about change

3.) Wants to be part of something special

4.) Has genuine entrepreneurial spirit

5.) Has had opinons repressed for years are can't wait to get them out

6.) Has some tendencies towards insanity, or just plain wackiness

7.) Wants to make a difference

8.) Wants to stick it to the man (desirable, but not essential)

We would love to hear from you (in confidence)

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  1. Larry
    Posted Aug 19, 2012 02:15 AM | Permalink Reply

    Best job commercial ever!

  2. David
    Posted Oct 12, 2012 03:40 AM | Permalink Reply

    The picture brings a whole new life to the Ad. :)

  3. Alleli of Infinit-O
    Posted Dec 17, 2013 09:30 AM | Permalink Reply

    I just noticed this today! I’m pretty sure your applicants had fun reading this ad and were really enticed to join your great company. :D

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