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Dr Stephen Stokes Folks – if you happen to be drifting around New York City on 3rd June, swing by the Philippine Cultural Center to hear some interesting discussions, including my friend and colleage Dr Stephen Stokes (pictured), author of the infamous piece "The Green Transformation of Indian Outsourcing: Heading for the Clouds, But Doing So on a Low-Cost and Carbon Budget".   

The event entitled "Global Sourcing After the Meltdown: In Search of Sustainability" is being organized by my good friends Christine Bullen and Wanda Lopuch at the Global Sorcing Council.  For more information click here.  You can also contact Wanda directly here.

Talk tracks for the day are as follows:

  • Authentic Sustainability in the Supply Chain

  • Confronting Business and Financial Impact of Supply Chain Risks in Global Sourcing

  • Decoding the Green Leadership

  • Impact for the Obama Administration Policies on Global Sourcing

  • Social Responsibility in Sourcing – The State of CSR in Sourcing

  • Green Technology – Walking the Talk

  • Finding a New Balance: Can Global Sourcing Be Commercially Viable and Socially Sustainable?

  • IT as an Enabler of Sustainability in Global Enterprises

  • Trends in Global Sourcing in Post-recession Pharmaceutical Industry

  • There is Nothing Like a Good Crisis

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