Just when you thought this week’s New York event was cancelled… Rocket-fuel Frank saves the day


Wake up chaps! Rocket-fuel Frank has saved the day…

It’s been quite a few days in the world of New York outsourcing events… first-off, the Global Sourcing Forum was cancelled over the weekend when the organizer had some sort of to-do with the Marriott hotel venue (I’ll never forget how they downgraded my status while I was on my honeymoon…).

Then, the most unlikely of heros, realizing everyone had already bought non-refundable flights, stepped in to save the day.  Yes, Frank Casale, the rocket-fuel behind the Outsourcing Institute, has pulled together a last-minute event this Wednesday (tomorrow).  I didn’t write this, so please forgive me in advance for the self-promotion 🙂

The details are as follows:

Date:                Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Time:                9:30 Registration; 10:15 Start
Place:               The law offices of Kelley Drye, 101 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10178-0022
Program Fee:     Waived (that means free)

Agenda Summary:

  • Outsourcing Institute: Marketplace Exchange Roundtable.
  • Exchange Best Practices, Exchange Experiences , Exchange Business Cards
  • Keynote Speaker: Phil Fersht, CEO for HfS Research, well-recognized outsourcing analyst, strategist, blogger, advisor, and practitioner across BPO and IT services worldwide. Phil will kick off the day with an industry insider’s commentary and analysis: “Desperately Seeking Innovation.”
  • ITO/BPO Case Studies: Actual Case Studies and Lessons Learned, from the people who lived them
  • Outsourcing Trends and Opportunities, and How your Company Can Leverage Them
  • Cloud Computing: Realities and Fantasies
  • Built-in time for networking and learning with senior level executives

If you would like to reserve your spot, please RSVP – ASAP by simply dropping an email to [email protected]

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  1. It’s great to see that some are willing to throw themselves at a situation that is far from professionally acceptable. While it might not be the grand networking affair that was planned for the Global Sourcing Forum I am sure that it will be enlightening and beneficial for those that attend.

    Now to the matter at hand… a major cancellation on short notice. Well there might be all sorts of logistical reasons behind having to pull the plug (although it’s hard to imagine that a major venue would be an oversight on the part of the Marriott or the conference organizers). I am particular concerned about the many organizations, and countries, who invested significant money to participate. To be given such short notice is beyond comprehension. There are many lessons to be learned, many ways to get your message out that are directly under your control, and more effective means of delivering your value statement that will get you the results that you are looking for. I hope that those that have already invested, or arrived in NYC, will find some way to recoup a small portion of their investment and realize things aren’t always like this in the West.

  2. I am one of those who flied long way from China to NY and then was shocked by the last minute cancellation. After failing to reach to outsourcing world, the organizer behind the global sourcing event, I realize that my investment has no chance to recoup. I’d like to know more who are in my similar situation and we should sue the company together.

  3. Xin – you have my sympathies. I have never, in my career, witnessed a conference being cancelled at such late notice. It inconvenienced many people, and cost us wasted travel expenses and time in New York. At least some folks stepped up to organize some meetings to make some use of our time. You have to question whether anyone will attempt a similar event in the City for a while now – it’s just getting too damned expensive ($400 per night for a cr*p hotel is just not feasible anymore)


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