Farewell to Joe Vales, a sourcing legend


Joe Vales

We were very saddened to learn that Joe Vales passed away this morning peacefully in his sleep.  Joe was a pivotal and hugely popular figure in the outsourcing marketplace for many, many, years (long before we were around), and graced many events and occasions with his charm and wit. He was also a highly accomplished and respected marketing veteran, having been pivotal in helping position PwC’s BPO business for a decade, until 2001. Instead of retiring, Joe set up his own advisory firm, which he was still running until his untimely passing this morning.  An avid fan of HfS, he will be sorely missed by us, and am sure many of you will be equally saddened by his passing.  He was a sweet and lovely guy, who loved his work.

He was most loved by his wife, Louise, five children and  grandchild.

Joe’s daughter, Kerryann, adds the following:

“He loved watching people he worked with years ago, when BPO was first getting attention, become the power houses that are shaping the industry today. He considered the nickname given to him “Father of BPO” an honor and working in this industry to this day a privilege.

“For Notre Dame, he was a Varsity letterman for the basketball team and has a plaque on the Hall of Champions out there for his excellence on the team. What college you went to would seem like something most people would let go of at a certain age, but ‘once a Notre Damer, always a Notre Damer’ – and he was always finding a reason to talk about the blue and gold.

“There are so many things that made my dad great. But his favorite word for people he valued was “special.” If he called you “special” you were in his circle for good. I would say my father is without a doubt, special.

“His passion and dedication to his craft was just unparalleled.”

Rest in peace Joe – you are an industry legend.

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  1. Joe was one of the people whose insights and direction I always apprectiated. He was a gentleman who I was VERY pleased to have met along my life’s trail. He will be missed and my thoughts and condolences go out to his family.

  2. Joe was truely a legend and a wonderful person. He was one of the key movers and shakers in the outsourcing and BPO markets and his stamp and legacy will be felt for many years. But Joe was also a great human being, a good friend and someone we all could look to for guidance and inspiration. I feel very fortunate to have known and worked with Joe. Joe will be missed but his legacy, reputation and influence will be with us forever. My thoughts and prayers go out to Louise and his entire family.

  3. Every time I write an introductory email, i think of Joe. Joe taught me how to link people together in a few paragraphs like nobody’s business. Thank you, Joe.

  4. Vinnie and folks,

    I always got nice cards, messages and calls from Joe. Always unsolicited and he never wanted anything, except to encourage me and praise my work. During a couple of difficult years for me earlier in my career, these were very, very appreciated. His involvement with the infamous “Harry and Jay” HRO movement in the old days was very notable… he was always a great personality at those shows, in addition to supporting other events, such as SIG.

    He was advising clients right until the day be passed away -kinda says it all.


  5. I have been thinking over the last couple of days what I would say about Joe. My apologies but I simply did not have the words, nor unfortunately do I now. First and above all else, my heartfelt condolences go to his family. When I learned of his passing I was completely taken aback and profoundly sad. I have spoke with Joe many, many times over the last year and had grown to look forward to those conversations. He was always and I mean always trying to find a new way to impart some of his depth of knowledge, even if he was a bit surly on occasion. ha I had grown accustomed to those conversations, his advice and his wit. He will be genuinely missed.

  6. I diodn’t work a huge amount with Joe back in the PwC BPO days, but I remember all our interractions and in each of them I came out feeling uplifted. Great guy…

  7. I first met Joe at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He brought us in on an assignment there. Later, we did a number of projects with him. He was always enthusiastic, excited and determined to make the very best of success for each client. Later when he had his office at home, we got to know his family through phone conversation tag. Our deepest condolences to Louise and the children. We will miss Joe; he was a dear friend.
    Barbara Manley

  8. I met Joe back in the 1990’s and always enjoyed our conversations as we kept up over the years. Joe was one of the BPO Pioneers and was an inspiration to all of us and and knew just about everyone in the business. Joe will be missed by all and my thoughts and condolences go out to his family.

  9. Joe was a great guy and I always enjoyed working with him while we are PW in the early BPO days. He will be missed, thoughts and prayers are with him family.

  10. Joe was a great inspiration when I decided to join the world of outsourcing. He offered a great perspective with honest commentary, that was filled with passion. I truly enjoyed his voice of reason and guidance!

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