This week on the HfS Podcast: Doing Less With More

March 10, 2014 | Phil Fersht
HfS SVP, Research, Christa Degnan Manning

HfS SVP, Research, Christa Degnan Manning (click for bio)

HfS SVP, Research, Christa Degnan Manning just published some scorching hot new research (Doing Less With More) on what it will take to make workers more productive and engaged. Based on research of nearly 5,000 employees worldwide, the survey also assessed human resources service providers in rewards, remuneration, and recognition (including payroll, benefits, and employee contact center outsourcing), interviewing enterprise buyers, users, and multi-process HRO providers of these services.

To learn more about this research, HfS' Mark Reed-Edwards talked with Christa in the latest episode of the HfS Podcast.

Listen here:


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