Claims of death greatly exaggerated


Check it out… Forbes used our counterpunch… thanks for your contributions! 

I was going to write somethng dramatic about the "power of blogging"… but you can work that one out for yourselves.  And a major hat tip to the Forbes technology editor, Elizabeth Corcoran, for publishing this.


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  1. Kudos to Forbes for offering a different perspective.

    I suppose a few of the inaccuracies in Sramana Mitra’s analysis encouraged Forbes to publish a more educated opinion. That is out of the norm for her – Sramana’s other pieces are far better. However, technologists are not outsourcing experts and vice versa.

    Give Sramana credit for her best contribution, however: She used a great headline. The open debate is what the blogosphere is all about. The value proposition of the Indian outsourcing market is definitely a topic of conversation.

    BIG kudos to Phil for providing a different perspective.


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