As many of you close to me already know, after 14 years in the analyst and management consulting community, I am going to take a little break and make a few changes.

I'd like to thank publicly AMR Research for a wonderful couple of years, where I got to spar with some great people, service more clients that I care to remember, and have a lot of fun bantering with so many of you who frequent the Horses.  I'd especially like to mention some great analysts with whom I'd had the pleasure of working: Dana Stiffler, John Hagerty, Simon Jacobson, Bruce Richardson and Mickey North-Rizza – a real credit to the analyst industry (and will, hopefully, be featured here in the future).  I'd also like to thank Helen Scott for her sheer perseverance… 

If you're wondering how to get hold of me, you can always mail me here. Onwards and upwards my friends -:)

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  1. The “Phil Fersht” brand lives on regardless. I know I reflect the views of many that you are a real CREDIT to our industry,


  2. It’s just a matter of time, Phil! We’ll hear from you again in short order … I am confident. Best wishes.

  3. So the analyst industry loses Stephanie Moore, Ray Wang and now you? Simply put, you were the best analyst in the sourcing space by a long way… whomever gets you is one lucky firm,


  4. Phil,

    All the best for the future. This blog has become a cornerstone in the industry, and I sincerely hope you continue the great work, wherever you land,


  5. Phil,

    Thanks for all your great insights over the years… like many of the sentiments here, we all hope you continue to dazzle us with your style and intelligence.

    The outsourcing industry needs you -:)


  6. You’ve single-handedly brought the power of blogging and social media to the sourcing industry. Am sure whatever you decide to do next in your career, you will continue to grow your influence and following,


  7. Miss you already, little buddy. Onward and upward, indeed! See you at Secret Sourcing World Headquarters soon.

  8. Phil,

    I think these sentiments expressed here underline how important you are to the sourcing industry. Please come back soon 🙂


  9. Ahh, Phil…we are REALLY going to miss you. Best of luck in your new endeavor.

    Rosemary Coates
    Blue Silk Consulting

  10. @Everyone:

    Firstly, thanks for these really nice sentiments. Completely unwarranted, but appreciated.

    Secondly, I am not going to fall off a cliff… I will still be here churning out the occasional piece. Just because my day-job will be different doesn’t mean I won’t be blogging and annoying people.

    Thirdly: thanks for all of those well wishes that were sent to me over email. Means a lot 🙂

    Peace out,


  11. Phil,

    the industry can’t have a star analyst like you sit around too long! Best of luck on future gigs and keep focused on the current one at hand. That one costs the most but pays the biggest dividends.

    R “Ray” Wang
    Altimeter Group

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