Best of Horses in ’08… the serious ones



Sobered up yet?  Can't take much more of the Sound of Music?  Help is at hand – here's some of the best Horses posts of 2008:

China and BPO? Don't bet your mortgage on it

Quest for an Organic Approach to Offshore Outsourcing

Can this Marriage Be Saved?

Are we reaching an inflection point of business globalization?

The Evolution of Captive and Outsourced delivery models for business processes: what is the right option for your company?

NASSCOM dispatch: "We're now past the era of BPO" (Pramod Bhasin)

The challenge of staying relevant in today's corporate climate

What the hell is KPO and where is it going? Answer: PhDs on tap

Why bundling apps and business processes with a single provider can make a lot of sense

The Future Of HRM Service Delivery

Are vendors and advisors getting too cosy?

Why not build a shared services infrastructure to support the banking sector?

Leading Change – the 15% Solution

Can Obama turn the USA into a competitive sourcing location?

Dispatches from DC: Shift Happens

Is the day of the offshore financial services captive in terminal decline?

How should companies approach outsourcing in this economy?

Investing in the right vehicles for change

Smarter and smaller: banks bank on BPO

The change imperative: it's back-to-basics time

Can flagging industries be replaced by BPO services?

Looking to 2009: a chat with Peter Allen

Horses outsourcing predictions for 2009

Preparing for '09: It IS time to dump the term "Outsourcing"

Peace out… and Happy New Year 🙂

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