Being middle-seated in the back row


Today, for the first time, I got middle-seated – in the back row – courtesy of Delta Airlines.  Not only that, we sat on the tarmac in Atlanta for 2 hours waiting for the “traffic” to clear (heh?).  So I got thinking about some of the things in life that irritate me…..

Being middle-seated – in the back row
LinkedIn invitations from people I don’t know, or will ever have the need to know
Being middle-seated – in the back row
Bacardi (ugh)
Victoria Beckham
Basketball…the first 59 minutes
Bowflex infomercials
Being middle-seated – in the back row
People who talk incessantly about themselves
Stale coffee in airports
Hotel room service charges
Bluetooth headsets
Just being middle-seated
Taxis with no A/C
Taxis that smell
Being middle-seated
The term ‘RPO’
Pay-for-play conferences
American airlines coffee
Trying to get anything with Best Buy rewards points
British tourists at Disney
Americanized Chinese food (you know the place)
People who stick on 16 when the dealer’s packing a high number
Macdonald’s salads (why?)
Boring blogs
That guy on Fox News (work it out…)
Cheap wine
American commentary on world cup football (soccer) matches
That arrogant Brit on American idol
James Patterson novels
Donald Trump’s sweep-over
Johnny Damon
Bad sales reps

People who pretend to be my friend when they want something
Using snail-mail

Doing expenses
Steely Dan ‘best of’ albums
Being middle-seated – ESPECIALLY in the back row


The UK’s most Irritating export?

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