Gartner, HfS and Forrester top the Analyst Firm of the Year awards, voted by 1100 research consumers


The Analyst Firm of the Year 2014 Awards combines the opinions of 1,100 worldwide users of analyst firms who voted in the Analyst Value Survey, led by the worldwide acclaimed analyst of the analystsDuncan Chapple.  It is the only credible study today conducted on the analyst firms, that incorporates the views of a very large, statistically-significant community of research consumers:

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Duncan and his colleagues deserve a lot of credit for their hard work reaching out into the industry of end users and vendors to get the real, unvarnished view of this world and educating the masses on who is really influencing and performing.

I also wanted to praise the hard work of the HfS analyst team for working so hard to get our voice and brand above the deluge of noise in today’s industry and making such long term commitments with us to get us where we are today.

You can read Duncan’s full post on the awards here.

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  1. Phil and HFS team,

    You’ve become the trend setter and thought leaders for the outsourcing industry and you have achieved this status so quickly. Bravo!


  2. Fantastic recognition HfS. You must all be very proud of what you have achieved in such a short amount of time. To be recognized alongside Gartner and Forrester from such a huge base of research users is a huge stamp of approval,


  3. Phil,

    What resonates with this award is the fact that HfS has now broken into the “big three”. In terms of credibility and influence, you’re now well ahead of the likes of IDC, Ovum etc.

    Well done!


  4. I’ve only been following HfS for a few months, but you’re one of the first places I go in the morning. So much great content, fresh ideas, witty blogs. You deserve this recognition,

    Sonia Smith

  5. Congratulations Phil and the HfS team for the recognition from Influencer Relations. This is validation not only of your increasing reach, but of your model. Your ability to harness the wisdom of a private(ish) crowd of industry insiders on the buy / sell / and advisor sides has consistently produced insights unavailable elsewhere. All with a special dose of wit – well done!


  6. Congratulations Phil & team ! Well deserved. Have been a follower right from the initial days and this is a true testimony of how you make it big 🙂

  7. Phil,

    I’ve been coming here since the beginning and my only surprise is how long it took. HfS has changed the research world in a very big way and this is only the beginning of your long term success,


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