Outsourcing drivers in today's climate: large companies want to globalize, mid-sized companies seek expertise

June 27, 2009 | Phil Fersht

I wanted to share some recent dynamics from our new survey of outsourcing adoption intentions in mid-2009.

While the onus on firms today is to drive out as much cost as they can from their businesses (close to four-fifths view cost-reduction as the primary driver for outsourcing), other factors are becoming crucial for companies’ planning as they evaluating outsourcing business models, notably globalizing their businesses more effectively, re-engineering business processes, and accessing expertise from service partners.

If there's one thing this recession taught us, it is how integrated global economies and markets are today, how businesses need to adapt to move in and out of diverse regional markets, and how they must make rapid decisions to invest or divest global service / product lines in order to prosper.  Read more over at Think Global...

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  1. Richard
    Posted Jun 29, 2009 07:44 PM | Permalink Reply

    Good one, Outsourcing indeed has been more cost effective, Keep it up.

    Richard Outsourcing needs in BPO & Callcenters www.iwaayconsultant.com

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