Highlights of the year... so far

September 21, 2008 | Phil Fersht

And here are some of the more meaningful posts from a busy 2008:

And if a sourcing advisor was elected President...

Should you sell your offshore captive to an outsourcing provider - ten questions to ask yourself...

Can outsourcing be a catalyst for driving down the cost of healthcare?

The death of Indian outsourcing? Don't make me laugh...

The low-cost outsourcing advisors are on the march...

Cost-cutting measures for troubled companies in these tough economic times

Can this Marriage Be Saved?

Is it time to dump the term "outsourcing"?

The emergence of the Indian suppliers in HRO: the answer to HRO's slowdown?

Finance and Accounting BPO continues its growth path

The challenge of staying relevant in today's corporate climate

What the hell is KPO and where is it going? Answer: PhDs on tap

Why bundling apps and business processes with a single provider can make a lot of sense

The 2008 Horses Awards for Awful Outsourcing

The Future Of HRM Service Delivery

Poland: More than "just another" BPO location

Are vendors and advisors getting too cosy?

What makes a good blog?


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