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The Industry Speaks, Part V: As the mid-market looks aggressively at Finance & Accounting BPO, the move to standardize heats-up

February 09, 2010 | Phil Fersht

Camembert I took a rather embarrassed peek at the very first post I wrote on the Horses and, having been revived from the camembert fumes of consultant-speak from yesteryear (did we really write like that?), I realized that we were actually onto something back then. 

The only major difference today is that this is no longer a game for the glitzy F100, when clients could demand their vendors take their existing processes, and simply run them at lower cost, with very little change to the actual way they did things.  And if the resulting savings weren't quite as good as originally promised, and the books weren't getting closed promptly, the vendor always bore the full brunt of the blame.

The big difference today, is that more clients are tending (though not always) to take more responsibility for the success of their BPO engagement.  If clients take flawed processes and run them offshore,  it's only going to expose how flawed they were in the first place.   Plus, if you're put in charge of managing a BPO engagement today,  you're charged with making it work, not coming up with reasons for failure.  If you can prove you can do this successfully in one firm, many other firms will want to hire you to do it for them too.  I'm trying to convince a good friend of mine to guest here and talk about how he's managed to oversee two major F&A BPO transitions for two companies, because it's truly becoming a lucrative - and scarce - expertise for customers today.

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The Industry Speaks, Part IV: Cloud services will separate the "real" business services providers from the body-shoppers

February 06, 2010 | Phil Fersht

GruyereFor once I am stumped for a catchy title, and am opting for some good ol' jargon-laden gruyère to tee-up Part IV in the series discussing our New Normal in Outsourcing Delivery survey.  At least I've avoided the 'T' word lately, to grant myself a morsel of poetic license to indulge in a little schmolz... 

But we all love the term "Cloud" (c'mon, you know you do...).  It gives us a nice fluffy visual of ripping out all that complex, clunky computing chaos from our organization, and having some nice services vendor deliver us everything we need for our business... leaving us with simply a screen, a keyboard and lots off additional space in the office to set up that Fussball table... or a Twister mat in the corner... 

Why Cloud Computing is the future of outsourcing delivery 

While I am probably the first cynic to de-odorize the latest cheese fumes that infuse our industry, I have to admit I am rather taken with the whole philosophy of Cloud Computing.  Cloud signifies the coming-together of business process and IT delivery in a fully outsourced model (see earlier post).  Cloud's not simply about outsourcing the heavy-duty computing grunt - it's about the delivery of real business services, enabled by the applications needed to support them, powered by the requisite computing and network infrastructure to host and deliver them. 

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Vot happens now?

February 02, 2010 | Phil Fersht

An "Awful Award" goes out to Technobabble 2.0 legend Jonny Bentwood for this truly hilarious parody of the Magic Quadrant.  I was going to warn readers of some naughty language, but realized that would only encourage you further...

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