Bram Weerts
Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer at HfS Research, Bram and his team are responsible for creating and delivering optimum customer experiences to thousands of Freemium and Premium research clients (including all the Fortune 500), who rely on HfS for strategic insight every day.

In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations, Bram is a key advisor to HfS business enterprise clients, with most support going to companies active in the IT services, oil and gas, and market research industries. He provides counsel for overcoming operational challenges and navigating the ever-changing business model landscape.

Over the past eighteen years, Bram has honed his experience in operations management and business advising in discussion with hundreds of companies, big and small. But he doesn’t just talk—he has spent years in the trenches walking the walk.


Before he joined HfS, Bram was the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kea Company, a global advisory firm that provides strategic guidance and analyst support to vendors of high-tech products and industry analyst firms. He also gained knowledge as an analyst and executive at companies including RWE, Dell, TomTom, and Gartner.

Although he is a Dutch citizen, Bram and his family currently live in Cambridge, UK. Bram is an alumnus of the Harvard Kennedy School.