HfS announces the first Blueprint Winners Circle for SAP Services

Ever read a truly independent, unbiased, unfettered and all-encompassing analysis of those services firms hawking SAP Services, that wasn’t simply the arbitrary judgement of a single analyst?  You have?  Then you surely won’t be interested in our very first Blueprint focused entirely on the entire SAP services ecosystem led by HfS analyst Dr Thomas “The Meddler” Mendel, who’s spent the last four months exhaustively running this process out of SAP’s backyard…

Unlike other quadrants and matrices, the HfS Blueprint identifies the relevant differentials between service provider performance and capability across a number of facets actually meaningful to the delivery of services: how all the providers are genuinely innovating and how effectively they are executing.  Moreover, HfS Blueprint Report criteria are dependent on a broad range of stakeholders with specific weightings, based on 1,355 crowd-sourced responses from our 2013 State of Outsourcing study, conducted with the support of KPMG. You can download a detailed methodology of the Blueprint concept and process here.

The key data inputs into the study:

  • Data was collected in Q1 of 2013, covering 301 buyers, providers and advisors/influencers of SAP Services.  494 data points, in total, we collected during the process.
  • 26 vendors of SAP Services were evaluated – some are outsourcing firms, some are management consultants with SAP services practices and some are a hybrid of the two.

Congratulations to Accenture, IBM, Infosys, Capgemini,  Wipro and HP – and SAP themselves – for reaching the hallowed ground of HfS’ first Blueprint for SAP-related services.  Here’s how the landscape shaped out after the process (available for a limited time only):

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And here are the Key Highlights in SAP Services for 2013/2014:

SAP consolidation continues apace. Many clients told HfS that in 2013 and 2014 they are investing in the traditional way of trying to contain SAP costs—through consolidation . This approach is prudent because many of the cloud-based SAP options are still in infancy.

SAP upgrades driven by ambitious clients. With innovation speed accelerating, clients find it hard to keep pace. Consequently, for 2013 and 2014 there are many SAP upgrade projects in the funnel.

SAP’s relentless move into the cloud (apparently). Although still confusing for many, SAP clients – by far and large – appreciate the stronger focus that SAP is putting on the cloud. After all, it’s the future, isn’t it?

Business analytics, Big Data and in-memory (HANA) demand. More tangible than the cloud, analytics and big data are the new hot thing. HfS Research believes that this is an interesting and unique case where the desires of the business decision makers (mainly faster reaction times) and the ones of the IT departments (new cool in-memory technology) conspire in a positive way.

SAP’s advances in mobile apps gain traction. Many new developments will be made on mobile platforms, tablets, mobile phones, and others. Since there is no standard operating system, companies will have to support a variety of different operating systems and vendors. SAP is investing heavily in this space.

And what does the future of the SAP Service market look like?

SAP’s flirtation with the Cloud. Clients, as well as SAP, know that cloud is the future. That is why long-term, clients want SAP to provide a cloud road map, but not too fast!

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) reduction. Running SAP today is an expensive proposition. The RoI (Return on Investment) is there, but the overall cost a still significant. Clients expect SAP to provide an answer – maybe cloud?

Dr. Thomas Mendel, SVP IT Services Research, HfS (Click for Bio)

Business Analytics, Big Data and In-Memory. Business analytics, big data and in-memory are already having a major impact—the most important trend, in addition to the continued uptake of cloud computing. Enterprises have already bought into the concept, and they like it. Vendors tell us that they cannot train HANA consultants fast enough to satisfy the demand. A hot long-term trend for sure…

One global SAP system. Closely linked to the RoI discussion is a more business relevant topic – the growing necessity for compliance and time-to-market reasons, to consolidate the zoo of existing SAP systems into a global one.

And, for all you HfS subscribers out there, you can download your copy of the HfS Blueprint Report for 2013 SAP Services here

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