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Time to inoculate your firm against early-onset Zombieism… by coming to the Blueprint Sessions 3.0 this December


When  Zombieism takes its grip on enterprise operations, many fail to realize… until it’s too late.  In fact, many of you reading this may already be exhibiting signs of early-onset Zombieism and immediate inoculation is imperative… But never fear folks, as the forthcoming BluePrint Sessions 3.0 in New York this December are specifically designed to [...]


Are you really working for an energized enterprise?


HfS is asking YOU – the individual worker – what it will take to empower and energize YOU in your business. Your candid, unbiased insights are extremely important to this unique research study, whether you work in sales, marketing, finance, IT… or any other business function

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Happy birthday, Dodd-Frank!

Whoever said we were't stimulating new growth for the professional services industry?

Please join us in wishing Dodd-Frank “Happy Birthday.” This is the largest financial reform act in U.S. history, amassing 884 pages when it was finally signed in 2010, designed to enforce the most significant changes to financial regulation in the United States since the regulatory reform that followed the Great Depression.

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What would convince you to “outsource” to the United States of America?


We are inviting you to share your views and experiences, in the strictest confidence, on the pros and cons of outsourcing IT and business processes TO the United States of America, compared with other global regions.

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Steering India’s services juggernaut in a Chevy Volt at 108 mpg

Basab Pradhan, photo-1

Phil Fersht interviews Basab Pradan and Gaurav Rastogi on their new book “Offshore: India’s Services Juggernaut”

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HfS welcomes Jyoti Banerjee to educate the services industry on why today’s top businesses are also the top sustainability performers

We’re seeing hard evidence that today’s most successful business are also the better sustainability performers. So what can we do to encourage business leaders to be sustainably-smart as they redefine their global operations strategies?

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