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Day Three at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago…

Mary Sue Rogers, Talent2's very own Madonna of HRO

Contrary to Mr. Fersht’s implications that any analyst would desert his/her post before an event is concluded, this analyst was there at 8:00 AM for Mark Hurd’s (Oracle) presentation and remained there until 12:30 for one last discussion. So without further ado, here is the final installment…

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Day Two at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago…

Naomi Bloom brings HR into the Cloud

And, for the first time ever, an analyst has managed to write a “second day” blog at an industry event. So, without further ado, here’s HfS’ Peter Ackerson with Day Two

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Day One at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago…Who are these people and what are they doing here?

Peter Ackerson- HfS

And now over to Chicago, where HfS roving analyst Peter Ackerson is trying to fathom what on earth is going on in the world of HR technology

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It’s more about technology than ever for HR executives…


Our trusted friends, over at the HR department, haven’t given up the ghost in helping their organizations close these capability gaps either… and they look beyond service providers alone as the solution: they want to invest in better technology. So where better to spend your time that at the HR technology in Chicago from October 8-10, 2012, where Bill Kutik and crew will put on their annual ode to the world of…. HR technology.