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Want to get smart about sourcing for Cloud?

This report authored by HfS Research and Loeb&Loeb provides both Business-function and IT executives with a detailed assessment of Cloud adoption strategies, an analysis of business benefits, concerns, challenges and contractual issues that need to be addressed and discusses the key service providers provisioning Cloud Computing services in today’s market.


“Cloud BPO”? C’mon… stop talking cobblers

“Cloud BPO” is, simply put, a load of nonsense. The core fulcrum processes of BPO are the toughest to move into the Cloud, and only the small-to-medium business sector is going to enjoy any modicum of success of moving genuine “BPO” processes, such as finance and HR, into the Cloud in the near-term.


Learn what 1,000 of your colleagues really think about Cloud Business Services

HfS Research, in partnership with the Outsourcing Unit of the London School of Economics, is hosting a webinar, sponsored by Accenture, featuring the key findings from the groundbreaking study of Cloud Business Services.


Cloud is changing the future of outsourcing: 1000 organizations have spoken

Gone are the days when CIOs demanded their shareholders underpin massive technology investments in ERP and infrastructure. Those investments have been made, and most CEOs intend never again to make capital outlays of that ilk on technology. Enter the Cloud. This is driving a new inflection point in the provisioning of business services, that goes far beyond straightforward outsourcing.


The Industry Speaks about Cloud, Part IV: Business leaders demand business transformation support – can providers gear-up to help?

Business users want to accelerate to Cloud Business Services while IT wants to mitigate its many risks. We reach an impasse with both business and IT looking for external support to make their move to Cloud Business Services a reality, and the different type of support both sides want point towards a profound reorganization around Cloud.


The Industry Speaks about Cloud, Part III: business and IT finally agree – IT must tool-up to enable cloud business services

Savvy CIOs are developing themselves into Cloud-enablers by honing their sourcing and service integration skills. Our Cloud Business Services study, conducted in conjunction with the Outsourcing Unit at the London School of Economics, contrasts many differing views and expectations from business and IT executives about Cloud business services… however, both sides do agree on one thing—the crucial enablement role that IT executives must adopt to provision Cloud business services.


The Industry Speaks about Cloud, Part II: business execs fear its impact on work culture; IT execs doubt their ability to drive competitive advantage

The Cloud Business Services study we just conducted, in conjunction with the Outsourcing Unit at the London School of Economics, has served up some contrasting concerns that business executives are having versus their IT counterparts: its impact on work culture and it’s impact on the value of the current IT department.


The Industry Speaks about Cloud, Part I: Business execs are buying-in to Cloud even more than their IT counterparts

Cloud Business Services are no longer hype – both business and IT executives are buying-into the value Cloud can bring to their jobs and their organizations. The ability to access business applications quicker, faster, cheaper and in a virtual business environment are the major drivers – and it’s the business side of the house which is even more engaged by the potential value that the IT-side.